Administrative chaos!

The plans were up to date, the administrative practices were not.

The benefits in this case were working well for the employees and the employer.  However, every process was manual and paper based.  At 450 lives with multiple locations, this was not a sustainable practice.

We resolved the problem by implementing an online enrollment tool.  We adjusted the communication to group meetings with mandatory online enrollment.  We had staff available at each location to help walk people through the system.

By using this strategy, we offered employees an opportunity to confirm their benefits, make any corrections, update elections for the next plan year.  Wow!  We caught a huge number of errors on everyone’s part – Carrier, employer and employees!

By closing the enrollment within a reasonable time frame, we had enough time to deliver changes electronically to each vendor in a timely manner. This allowed for clean invoicing and a quick audit of the first invoice after renewal for the employer. This was the first time this ever happened!

PROBLEM:  Too much administrative time spent on benefits

SOLUTION:  Provide an online tool to allow employees to choose and confirm their elections, that had a back-end system that gave the HR Staff, year round access, reporting capabilities and the means to communicate electronically with vendors.

RESULT:  Clear communication!  Each employee confirmed their benefits, the employee approved elections were reported out of the system and delivered to the carriers without any data manipulation.  Invoices were clean and in cases where there was an error, it was easy to find and correct.

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